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Noura Pharaon

Personal Coach


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My journey of self discovery started in medical school in Morocco. My mother never went to school and really wanted me to be a doctor. In a traditional North African family, you always honor your mother’s wishes. But on the inside, I was conflicted and miserable because I knew that it was not my path. 

So I made the difficult decision to honor my heart. I left my friends, my family, my sense of security and comfort. And I moved to the United States to find my path. 

I was completely shocked by the transition and the new culture. I had no money and couldn’t speak English. But I found a way to work multiple jobs in restaurants, retail, and spas to put myself through a business degree. 

Seeking my authentic expression and freedom required me to break through every cultural and psychological barrier of being a traditional Muslim woman. 

It was very difficult and at times, I hit rock bottom. I questioned everything I had known, searching for my own inner truth.

I connected with the deepest part of me that was looking for freedom and joy outside of myself. I learned to listen to my inner voice above all my fears. And my Soul came out of these experiences alive and free. 

Although it was scary and painful, I’m grateful because it transformed me into the powerful and confident woman I am today. 

Now my calling is to help others connect with their inner self and experience joy and freedom. 

I empower women to connect with their sensuality - breaking through all internal and external barriers to awaken the Divine Feminine within.

I’m passionate about dancing, nature, volunteering, and healthy living.. 

I’ve been dancing for 28 years and I teach women how to connect with their bodies to express themselves. 

The Cleopatra Experience is a 3-month transformational coaching program. It is a complete makeover of mind, body and spirit. You connect with your inner Queen, unleashing the most confident and sensual version of yourself. 

The program includes: 

Dancing to awaken feminine energy & connect to your sensuality. I teach simple movements that unlock the full expression of the pelvis, womb, and chest. 

Healing internal barriers to feminine energy by balancing your chakras using Reiki healing.

A total makeover of your living space and your style. 

Women who participate in the program experience the following results:

  • Freedom and joy in their body 

  • Organized and healthy in body, mind and spirit 

  • A new experience of sensuality, power and confidence radiates from the inside out

If you’re ready to unleash your inner Goddess power, sign up below for The Cleopatra Experience. 

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