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Polite Mmadikole Matjila

Sacred Space Holder & Coach


I would love to connect and learn your story! 

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Polite is one of the coaches for the Freedom & Bliss program.

Not familiar with Freedom & Bliss?

I am a qualified Red Tent Facilitator and Womb Sacred Space holder. 


I come from a lineage of spiritual and natural teachers, prophetesses, traditional healers, Earth empaths, artists, laughers, musicians, and royalty. With the conscious choice of following my own star, I have come to activate these traditions within myself.  I am on the journey to fully embody them, to the fullest expression of my wholesome Divinity.  Through this experience, I naturally inspire hope and possibility in others. 


My own personal journey has led me down paths of surrender and self-acceptance, and opened my heart and eyes to the nature of love. I naturally possess the power of word, song, and storytelling, so it is no surprise to me I ended up a speaker and a spiritual teacher in a children and youth church in my twenties. But this natural disposition shadowed my ability to listen.  I began a conscious journey to activate my inner ear, so as to bring balance and harmony. 


The Sacred Circle Space held for me in Womb training has deepened my own ability to bring others along on a journey to hear their own wisdom, access their own medicine, and elicit breakthroughs in any area of their lives. It is this type of hearing that holds you in your divine light, as a whole being; completely endowed with the ability to lead, heal and empower yourself.


My experience as a spiritual seeker and my being as a Golden Student archetype has led me to sit under the tutelage of various healing spaces. Through these, I have come into knowledge of multiple healing modalities, and my lineage has inclined me to the natural elements as a way in which I share my medicine with the world. 


Other pieces of my story are: 

❖ I am a mother to four year old Kai, my son and sunshine, a fellow light traveler. 

❖ I am a daughter and granddaughter, a sister, friend, and fellow sibling in the journey of ascension.

❖ I hold a degree in Human Physiology, a BA in Development Studies, and certificates in music theory. 

❖ I am a retired businesswoman, formerly active in the manufacturing and recycling industry. 

❖ I am a former school and education consultant, and teenage coach through my organisation: Peo Development Institute 

❖ I laugh out loud and deeply. I laugh at everything and sometimes in situations that don’t necessarily warrant that. But I am told, in death or painful periods this has been a soft landing cushion for those close to me or those I have walked with in their journeys of healing. 

❖ I am an embodiment of the famed Setswana saying “Loso logolo ke ditshego,” which translates to: “even the greatest calamities can induce laughter.”  This resonates with the parts of me still healing from wounds of inadequacy and discomfort.  

❖ I believe the words of my mother, who has accused me of being so talkative I could be “left with the mute and they will be found talking and the deaf would come to hear.”

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