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Freedom & Bliss Program

  • Are you successful but still not fulfilled? 

  • Do you want to operate at your highest potential? 

  • Do you want deep inner peace instead of stress? 

  • Do you want to feel relaxed and excited about your life? 

  • Do you want to expand your leadership legacy?

  • Do you value being in peak shape - mind, body & spirit?

If you answered yes, you are not alone.

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This program was conceived to address the human condition - the underlying dissatisfaction that hides beneath layers of success, distraction, and ambition. It manifests as a mild unease or escalates to chronic stress and hopelessness.

The Freedom & Bliss program focuses on both the intrinsic drivers of happiness, as well as the external habits that drive overall well-being.

The result? A transformational shift in individuals' perception of life, effectively converting stress and discomfort into an inner sense of liberation and deep contentment.

You will experience these results:

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Peace of Mind
A frequent experience of calm, clarity, and centeredness. 

Peak Health & Wellbeing
Personalized daily habits that optimize mental, emotional and physical health.

A new experience of inner harmony and accompanying contentment. 

Increased and steady vitality

Increased excitement about your life on a regular basis.

Creating the vision in your heart with ease


Quickly and easily adapt to changing life circumstances.


Increased capacity to walk through difficult circumstances

Fulfilling connection
Improved communication in relationships, especially with yourself

Increased belief in your own abilities and strengths

Increased ability to reflect on your emotions, attitudes, and situations

Increased capacity to be in the moment and dance with life

Results, guaranteed.

“In just a few months, the level by which my quality of life has risen is dramatic—I landed my dream job, my finances have stabilized, I’ve amassed more savings than I’ve had in years, my romantic relationship is stronger and sweeter, and I’m overall more happy and less anxious.”

        - Anena Hansen, Writer, Coach and Trainer

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“I was able to create time and space for myself and improved my personal health, mental peace of mind, and gained clarity to who I truly am. For relationships, I was able to enhance my communication with family members, personal relationships, and continue to create better relations with everyone in my life. 

       - Ashkan Afkhami, Managing Director & Partner at BCG

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The program is highly effective in delivering these results because it is fully integrated and holistic. 


There are many programs that focus on just physical health, just emotional health, just mindset, just meditation, just coaching, etc. These are all valuable. However, they fail to align the reality of being human - we are a complex, interrelated system of systems - both internally and externally. Making adjustments in one area impacts all the systems. 


The Freedom & Bliss program allows for the integration of various systems. We begin with the physical body and work our way into the subtler emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body.

Integrated B.L.I.S.S. Method

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Yoga in Nature

Be in your body

You will go from being stressed and disconnected from the body to rested, healthy, present and feeling more connected.

Before: Irregular exercise, impulsive eating, lack of sleep, can't slow down to enjoy life, on a hamster wheel of chronic stress.

After: Feel fully connected to your body, and explore what it feels like to receive life without giving into outside pressure. Master creating space for resting and pleasure to unlock creativity and higher levels of energy and productivity. Whether you are at home or at work you will be fully present.

How: Daily meditation, mindfulness, somatic practices, Qi gong, detoxing old habits, mindful eating.

“Coaching with John accelerated my ability to develop new habits that have transformed my career and my personal happiness.”

        Adam Whipple, Technical Program Manager at Google

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Love your emotions

You will go from feeling overwhelmed with difficult emotions to feeling steady, grounded in self-love and self-compassion. You'll experience emotions without hiding from them or becoming lost in them. You'll learn how to use difficult emotions as road signs for healing and self-transformation.

Before: Suppressing/avoiding and making difficult emotions wrong, stress from people pleasing, conflict, indecisiveness and confusion. 

After: You will realize that the most unpleasant emotions are the greatest opportunity, mirroring what remains unhealed. We will witness the unhealed parts of you, and free you from repeating patterns. Then you can experience deep satisfaction, happiness and abundance. Said simply, you will learn how to have emotions without the emotions having you.

How: Internal Family Systems, somatic trauma release, neuro linguistic programming, loving kindness meditation, practical forgiveness techniques, gratitude practice, heart-opening practices. 

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“John managed to get me thinking along dimensions that I'd never thought before. He helped me organize my thoughts, set realistic and achievable goals (personal, professional and wellness) for myself, and figure out areas in my life that could do with some upliftment.”

        Hamzah Ansari, Lecturer in Innocation and Entrepreneurship at Brown University

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Ignite your intuition

Your gut will lead you to the greatest opportunities of your life to expand into your highest self.

Before: Disconnected from gut sense due to noise of the world and the mind, lacking clear guidance, indecisiveness/overthinking, perfectionism, being ruled by fear of failure or not being able to provide for yourself or those you love. 

After: You master listening to the still small voice that's always there and feel a deepening sense of peace from being in alignment with your higher self. You will flow from more clarity towards fulfillment.

How: Communication tools to express your truth with clarity and confidence, self-expression practices, taking action based on intuition to strengthen its voice, learning to set and maintain luxurious boundaries, embracing playfulness, connecting with your creativity and joy, meditation techniques to quiet the mind into stillness.

"John has enabled me to take my business to another level by helping me to access my own intuition via mindfulness practices, and to shift to a more inviting presence. The result: Within two weeks of our first coaching, I had several new leads and 1 new client."

        Sarah Sutton, Head of Coaching at Truce, LLC

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Surf your mind

You go from operating from a noisy fear based mind to experiencing peace of mind, spacious presence, and clarity, no matter the circumstances.

Before: Not being able to control the mind or incessant/compulsive thought patterns, restlessness or stagnation, having a hard time letting go of thoughts re: business, problems, fears. Not being present with your loved ones. 

After: Mental clarity, less identified with thoughts and instead experiencing yourself as the observer and master of your thoughts. Experience a sense of freedom and peace despite whatever thoughts may be occurring.

How: Deeper meditation techniques, understanding the mind’s tricks and how to not be caught in them.

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"The Freedom and Bliss program has taught me to unlock my emotions, thoughts, and psyche to live in an elevated lifestyle that I never thought would have been possible. This program brought me out of the dark, stormy skies and landed me into a sky of clarity and freedom. Best of all - my soul is now on blissful auto-pilot for all days ahead."

        Filipe V., Engineering Graduate at Northeastern University

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Outdoor Meditation
Friends in Nature

Shine your spirit

Experience a deep fulfillment from living to your full potential, elevated levels of consciousness and fulfilling your purpose.

Before: Not taking time and not knowing how to connect with soul and spirit, missing a sense of fulfillment or purpose, not sure what's next/what now, feeling lost despite societal success status

After: Experience a deep sense of peace and bliss as you connect to your Spirit. Experience a deep sense of wholeness. Remaining centered and peaceful under any life circumstance. A daily experience of inner freedom and bliss, regardless of any external circumstances. 

How:  Deeper meditations to elevate consciousness, an understanding of Spiritual Energy - how to increase it to a sustained flow state. 

My relationships are stronger with my friends, family and those I work side by side with on a daily basis. I live in the present rather than looking back on the past."

        Marcus Johnson-Smith, Co-Founder and CMO at Kush Groove

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Program Elements

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Online Course

When you sign up for Freedom & Bliss, you’ll receive immediate access to the complete online course. It’s a 3 month, self-paced course including short bite-sized video modules, recorded meditations, and reflection questions. The online course is designed to be completed in just 90 minutes per week for 12 weeks. 

Once you’re in the program, you get lifetime access, including all future updates or additional content free of charge. Modules unlock as you go, designed to support you with accountability.

Image by Heidi Fin

Whether you’re getting coached personally or learning from the coaching of others, group coaching is vital in transforming your mindset and developing new habits. These 1 hour calls are led by John and packed with value. Join LIVE every week, and/or watch the recording in our member portal.

The focus is on:

-Applying the tools and practices from the program

-Removing inner blockages

-Answering questions

-Committing to actions for the week

-Connecting to a powerful and supportive community by sharing authentically

Weekly LIVE Coaching

Meditating on the Beach

Weekly LIVE Meditation

Whether you are new to meditation or a pro, meditating as a group deepens the practice for all who participate. John leads a 15 minute meditation, followed by 15 minutes of open sharing about the experience.


These are an integral part of the transformation of the program, as well as a bolster to strengthen your own daily meditation practice.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Access to Online Community

Whether it’s celebrating your breakthroughs or asking for support with breakdowns, our online community is the place to share.


Dive into the support, experiences, celebrations, and encouragement found in a like minded and motivated group of peers.  This community was created to deepen your learning and transformation.

Image by Marissa Grootes

Weekly Reflection Prompts & Journaling

After each module, you have the opportunity to reflect and answer questions about what you learned. This deepens the learning and will apply what you’re learning to your life.


All of your responses are saved and can be accessed for later review and reflections.

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1-to-1 Coaching (for VIPs)

When you sign up as a VIP, you receive 3 monthly 30-minute coaching sessions.


These are 1-on-1 virtual meetings, fully customized to your unique needs. They are designed to deepen and accelerate your individual progress


Masterclass on Limitless Joy

1 hour training led by John on how to use difficult emotions as road signs to healing. The result is increasing your capacity to experience joy.

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to online community where you can continue to share your experiences and support each other

Additional Bonuses for Pay in Full and Fast Action:

  • 1-to-1 30-minute Coaching session with John ($500 value)

  • 20% discount to all in-person retreats and events for 12 months

  • $500 cash prize if you complete 100% of the online program in 12 weeks

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This program is guaranteed.


You either have reduced stress and increased peace of mind, or we give you all your money back. 


Here’s how it works. If you:

  1. Complete the entire online program

  2. Attend 75% of group coaching calls

  3. Apply the daily schedule and practices 


And you do not experience reduced stress and increased peace of mind by the completion date of the program, let us know within 7 days and you will receive all of your money back. 

Are You Ready?

If something inside of you resonated while reading this page, then I invite you to join the program now. A completely new experience of life awaits you.

All you have to do is say Yes.

Payment Options

If you sign up now this course is only $2,000

Discounted from $5,000


Pay in Full Discount
1 Payment of $2,000

Discounted from $5,000

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Payment Plan

3 Monthly Payments of $800

Discounted from $2,000

Image by Ivana Cajina

Zero Dollars Down Financing

Book a time to chat with John about financing options. This is for those who want to make the investment in their future!

If you would like a free consultation, have questions about the program, or just want a loving nudge; then book time with John to learn more!

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