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Zsuzsi Gero

Massage Therapist, Inner Child Healing Facilitator & Coach


I would love to connect and learn your story! 

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Zsuzsi is one of the coaches for the Freedom & Bliss program.

Not familiar with Freedom & Bliss?

I help leaders and change makers to recharge their emotional and physical wellbeing and eliminate vulnerabilities to stress, so they can be at the top of their game professionally, and be more present, connected and happy in their personal relationships.

Through our work together my clients become skilled in mind-body practices to release heaviness, self-criticism, or other negativity. They learn how to unravel chronic behavior patterns through a unique blend of highly effective methods, including Internal Family Systems, Brain-Spotting, NLP, Ketamine Assisted/Integration Therapy, positive psychology and neuroscience based tools. As their wellbeing, personal presence and resilience expands, they interact with more calm, tact and impact, inspiring powerful results, wellbeing and happiness in those around them.

I facilitate client transformations 1:1 and in group settings as a life/leadership coach, psychotherapist and massage therapist. I love collaborating and look forward to connecting with peers from many walks of life.

I strive to create a safe space and be a supportive presence for those identifying as LBTQIA, polyamorous or in open relationships, and seek out resources to cultivate cultural awareness and sensitivity.

🙏 I value kindness, integrity, peace, harmony, being present and curious. 
My passion is to increase inner and outer peace in the world, and to improve the wellbeing of all living beings and of our planet.
I am a life long learner, and personal development enthusiast.
My heart aligns with plant medicine, plant dominant diet.🌱
Movement, dancing, 💃🏻 sensory experiences, and nature 🏔 bring me freedom & joy. ☀️
Touch 🙌🏼 is my gift and it is essential to my radiance. ✨

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