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Michelle Strasburger

Corporate Wellness Coach

Michelle headshot.jpg

Michelle would love to connect, and explore how she can help bring positive change to your organization.

Michelle Strasburger is leading our Corporate Wellness Programs.  With over 20 years experience in Human Resources she understands the challenge of managing healthcare costs and finding wellness programs that provide real results to drive the cost of health insurance down.  


The challenge is that organizations are implementing a "one size fits all" approach to wellness and missing the mark with 80% of their employee population.  Michelle's goal is to work with HR leaders, management teams, and the broader organization to build customized wellness programs. These programs focus on an individualized experience for employees, looking at their overall wellness instead of focusing on isolated issues. This approach provides tangible results to organizations. 


With programs utilizing biometrics to observe changing health habits over time, Michelle's clients have thrown out fad diets and made long lasting lifestyle changes that positively impact their lives and overall wellness.


The results for employers include a happier, more engaged team and a positive impact on your healthcare costs.

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