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So, what are we all about?

Our mission is to transform the experience of all people and organizations on the planet. We offer a variety of health & wellness services with a focus on coaching, meditation, and spiritual development. All of our programs are integrated to simultaneously optimize mind, body, and spirit. The result is a sustained state of inner freedom and bliss. 

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Our Programs

Freedom & Bliss

Freedom & Bliss is a group coaching program. You learn how to spend every moment in integrity with your authentic Self. The result is a sense of freedom, ease, and joy pervades every aspect of your life. 

Warrior King Spirit

Our founder, John T. Griffith, created this program to walk men through the stages of sacred masculine maturity. This program is designed for men who are courageous, disciplined and hungry to grow.

Executive Coaching

We work with business leaders to accelerate their growth process and elevate resonant frequency. This resonance creates an environment in which their people can work within a flow state, unlocking extraordinary innovation, performance and loyalty. 

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