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Warrior-King Spirit

Experience the Peace and Power of Sacred Masculinity

  • Are you successful but still not satisfied? 

  • Do you long to serve the world from your greatest potential? 

  • Do you want to experience inner ease and power instead of stress? 

  • Do you want to evolve your leadership to the King/CEO level? 

  • Do you want to be in peak shape - physically, mentally, and spiritually? 

  • Do you want to join a community of powerful men who are passionate about servant leadership?

If you answered yes to any of these; you are in the right place 


John Griffith's Warrior-King Journey

I’ve always admired a certain kind of man. He has the strength and courage to fulfill his life mission - often facing the threat of violent resistance (think Jesus, Gandhi, Dr. MLK Jr, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln). 


He is a humble servant of God and people. By losing himself in service, he expands his impact. He lives his legacy each moment of his life. 

I wanted to be this kind of man. 


I didn’t realize that what I was attracted to is the Sacred Masculine (as all people are). It is potent, generative - creating and nurturing life. It is unconditional Love, nourishing all those in its presence. It creates structure and order with integrity. It has the power to build communities and lead thousands. It is calm in the face of threat. It is also capable of swift destruction when necessary to restore peace. 


I longed to be connected to this energy. So I spent 20 years studying great leaders, transformational processes, and developmental models. I put all the most potent combinations of what I’ve learned into this program. 


This program was born from a very personal experience. I walked through a dark night of the soul, as many of the parts of my immature masculinity died and were reborn. 


My body shook violently and vomited as I processed generations of anger, violence, darkness, fear. There were some days spent crying, and many days where I felt it would be easier to succumb to the beckoning of death. 


Things became so dark that I fully embraced all the shadow within myself and the world. Connecting to Sacred Masculinity changed everything. I learned to integrate and attain a state of incredible wholeness and indescribable peace. 


Today, I operate from a depth and power that I never imagined possible. I am steady, peaceful, still in the face of any circumstance. My leadership has matured, allowing me to inspire many people to accomplish extraordinary things. 


I live my purpose and it nourishes my Spirit in a way that fulfills a lifelong yearning. I’m healthier in mind, body and spirit than ever before. Many nights, I’m too excited about my life to fall asleep. 

I want all men to live this kind of life. 


So I created this program to walk men through the stages of sacred masculine maturity. You arrive in the final evolution - Spiritual Warrior-King. 

Success Stories
A professional business portait of a man.

“After just a few weeks my stress level had reduced so much that friends and family were taking note. I went from daily anxiety attacks to having none (still have none). The feeling of burnout was replaced with excitement and vigor for my endeavors. I am actively taking huge steps to make my dreams become reality. John is intuitive, genuine, and excellent at his trade.”

- Adam Whipple, Technical Program Manager at Google

Men who participate in this program will leave with the following results:

  • Peace of Mind - A daily experience of being powerful, grounded, centered, and strong  

  • Leadership - everyone around you is supporting your vision

  • Aliveness - the fulfilling thrill that comes from living your purpose every day 

  • Health - fully ingrained daily habits to optimize mind, body, and spirit

  • Peak Fitness - Lower body fat %, a Ferrari mind, and a radiant Spirit. 

  • Stillness - from integrity and order everywhere in your life 

  • Growth - the thrill of being challenged on the deepest level

The Process:

1. Register for the program. 

2. Attend eight bi-weekly group coaching calls

3. Apply the practices and complete the assignments*

4. After 4 months, you have the above results

*In order to guarantee these results, this program is run with a very high level of integrity. If you do not apply the daily practices and/or complete the assignments, you will be removed from the program with no refunds.

This program is designed for men who are courageous, disciplined and hungry to grow.

Module One: Foundational Warriorship

1. Integrity: As the Source of a man’s power and strength, integrity must come before everything else. Without it, he is flaccid - blown helplessly about by the winds of life. In this module, you will learn and embody the principles of integrity and wholeness. 


Your assignment will be to immediately inspect every area of life for integrity. You will begin restoring integrity to the largest areas, and then work your way down the list throughout the program. 


Results: Each victory builds momentum, self-confidence and power. Integrity leads to an inner state of wholeness, peace, and increased energy. With integrity, you walk differently, talk differently, and people respond differently to the power in your energy field. 

2. Foundational Warrior Conditioning: You will immediately begin the process of learning to embrace pain and challenge. This is achieved through rigorous daily practices. These have innumerable health benefits to mind, body, spirit: 

  1. Daily Meditation Practice 

  2. Daily Warrior Breath Technique 

  3. Daily Cold Showers


Results: The combination of these practices alleviates chronic stress by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system on a daily basis. The result is an increased capacity to manage life from a centered place. Said simpler, you become peaceful, still and immovable - like a mountain with deep roots. 

3. Introduction to Masculine Archetypes: King, Warrior, Lover, Magician. 

Results: You have a framework for distinguishing between different aspects of masculine energy. You see a clear pathway for maturity and wholeness. You are then free to accelerate development across the spectrum of masculine maturity. 

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John T. Griffith

John T. Griffith has run an executive coaching and consulting practice for 15 years. His company, Freedom & Bliss, provides executive coaching & consulting, Meditation Instruction, and Health & Wellness Coaching Programs to organizations and individuals. 


He began his career as Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. He volunteered to support Operation Iraqi Freedom and received 5 medals including the Air Force Achievement Medal. John credits much of his understanding of the true art of leadership from working with many high-ranking officers. 


Having also worked with global business executives for 20 years, John has formed a deep understanding of leadership. He is passionate about developing global leaders across the spectrums of integrity, mindfulness, sacred masculinity, spirituality and consciousness. These global leaders then become levers for positively impacting the lives of the hundreds of thousands they lead. 


Are you ready to step into your true power as a Spiritual Warrior? If something in you longs to step into your true greatness, we can get you there in 4 months. 


Don’t let your brain talk you out of what your spirit knows is good for you. 

The Details:

  • Group coaching sessions every other Wednesday 8-9am ET via Zoom

  • Group activities such as hot yoga, hiking and martial arts (for those local to Boston) 

  • Investment: $900/month for 4 months or $3,000 Pay in Full discount 

  • VIP Package: Includes 4 one-on-one executive coaching sessions with John -
    $1,500/month for 4 months or $5,000 Pay in Full discount

  • All coaching sessions are recorded and you have lifetime access

  • You receive several recorded meditations with lifetime access

  • You receive a workbook filled with exercises, assignments and journal prompts. 

  • At the end of the program, you gain access to the Warrior Network -
    a community of men that meets monthly to continue developing each other in leadership

Click the link below to sign up right now.

4-Month Investment

Pay in Full Discount
1 Payment of $3,000

Payment Plan

4 Monthly Payments of $900

VIP Package

Includes 3 1:1 Executive Coaching Sessions with John

Pay in Full Discount
1 Payment of $5,000

Payment Plan

4 Monthly Payments of $1,500

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