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Ben Parvey

Executive Coach

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Ben Parvey has spent his professional career building a clean, resilient energy future for cities, schools, industry, and institutions. As CEO of BlueSky Power, Ben is passionate about nurturing a collaborative culture to create a world without wires where microgrids and distributed energy serve as the utility alternative. For 15 years, Ben has overseen the implementation of the innovative finance structures and transactional elements of Blue Sky’s clean energy projects, in addition to advancing the strategic growth of the company. Ben’s passion for taking customers off the grid by creating innovative projects has led to over $300 Million of clean energy projects for leading companies and institutions. In 2017, Blue Sky Power achieved the Energy Solutions Center’s Project of the Year Award for a clean energy microgrid. And in 2023, a BlueSky developed project won the American Society of Civil Engineers Project of the Year Award under $10 million for the GEMS Landfill Solar Project, providing clean power on America’s first SuperFund site. Ben is zealous about improving the quality of life for his team, their customers and their communities.


In 2023, Ben started another exciting mission, Ombrella, which will build stronger communities by bringing businesses, faith organizations, non-profits and citizens together to create strength in numbers for collaborative purchasing of energy, telecom, insurance, strategic planning and other products and services that generally cost more for small organizations and individuals than enterprises.


Prior to starting BlueSky Power in 2008, Ben was a public finance attorney on over $4 billion of capital project financings for state and local governments, institutions and industrial development. Since 2019, Ben has gained great inspiration from the students of YouthBuild’s GreenBuild program and serves as a mentor to apprentices building a sustainable future. With 5 crazy kids ranging from 2-14, Ben has an active and exciting family life and loves spending time with his family, as well as meditating, hiking, watching sunrises and doing yoga.

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