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John T. Griffith

Founder & Executive Coach

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Not long ago, I was exhausted and stressed almost every day. I had spent a lifetime hiding my authentic self and contorting my weirdness into what I thought was socially appropriate. Like many awkward and tender souls, I looked for relief in all the wrong places - drugs, money, achievements.


I did all the things that were supposed to matter - I was fit, made lots of money, traveled, owned houses, married my soulmate and had a beautiful daughter. But to my frustration, I was still not consistently happy or at peace. Instead, my soul felt worn thin and trapped. Most days I had trouble breathing. 

So I did what only the most basic people do in this situation. I moved to Madagascar for several months to "find myself." To my own shock, I somehow succeeded. I meditated for several hours a day and did deep, inner healing work. 

It was enough to finally have the courage to fly my freak flag at full mast.

I had always been afraid to share that I am a spiritual weirdo. My brain works in completely different and often painfully awkward and disruptive ways.

I'm obsessed with God and nature. I love people deeply. I’ve finally learned how to connect and serve the divine every day. The result is an unimaginable experience of love, abundance, peace and joy.

In coaching, I feel people's energies. This gives me an intuitive ability to identify and remove unconscious fears, emotional traumas and other obstacles. I combine this with my profound love of people and it creates an environment where people heal themselves and grow exponentially.

​I’ve done this deep healing work for myself. And the result is that I live every day with a stable sense of freedom and bliss. I've never experienced anything like it, and this is why I'm so excited to share it with the world. 

I would love to connect and learn your story! 
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My Background

(almost forgot to impress you with my accidental accomplishments...)

  • Decorated wartime veteran (I was expelled from high school and my options were limited)

  • Full scholarship to Northeastern University for Engineering (I noticed that people were impressed by engineers)

  • MBA Foundation Series at UPenn Wharton (impressed yet?) 

  • Worked at Raytheon and wrote a computer program that saved millions of dollars (I hated it, suffered an identity crisis, and did what only the most “basic” people do in that situation - backpacked around Southeast Asia and India to “find myself”)

  • With my newfound clarity, I boldly followed my dreams and started a life coaching business (I moved back in to my parents’ attic)

  • Used my fancy education to become awesome at selling copiers door-to-door (I failed the business and needed the money) 

  • Mysteriously, became a Director and Vice President selling millions of dollars a year in Executive Coaching and Consulting services (I thought my Rolex and Audi would make me cool - no one cared)

  • Self-sabotaged (having found myself too successful and still unhappy, I managed to get myself fired twice in a row) 

  • Bought some real estate properties (hoping to one day cease plaguing companies with my employment)

  • Started this business (why not try being my self for a change?)

As you can see, most of my life has been attempting to contort myself into societal norms (My fragile ego: "I swear, I'm NOT incredibly weird (nervous laughter), let me distract you with achievements!") 

But it's just the darndest thing... despite my desperate efforts, I kept exploding out of norms with self-orchestrated catastrophes. So I finally decided to stop pretending and completely heal, love and accept every part of myself and my life. I decided to stop caring about what anyone thought and just be myself. 


And then something miraculous happened - an immovable sense of peace and joy settled in to each moment of my days.

Now I just want to lead others in being their wildly authentic selves.
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