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Conscious Life Mastermind

Experience Peace and Power in Every Area of Your Life


But over time you may have lost touch with that feeling.

Maybe you've been knocked over by difficult circumstances in life.

But you're feeling ready to get back up!

Maybe you're overwhelmed by kids, business or other areas.

But you're ready to take charge again!

Maybe you feel burned out, disoriented, like you've lost your spark.  

But you want to feel ALIVE again!

Maybe there's an ongoing sense of stress and you're falling behind.

       But you are ready to step fully into Peace and Power! 

Maybe you're ready for change, but not sure where to start.

You start RIGHT here, RIGHT now with your Legendary Comeback Story!

The Process is Simple but Inescapably Transformational:

Where are you now 

We begin by evaluating each area of your life

Where are you going 

You select 3-5 areas to focus on transforming and create goals for each.

Let’s GO!

Weekly/Bi-weekly group coaching calls empower you to execute Bold Power Moves to immediately move forward. 

We also include regular visualization meditations of your best life. This activates your brain and gives you energy to pull this reality forth quickly. 


You'll receive a workbook to help you create and track your goals and progress.

My Story

A year ago, I spent 3 months meditating on a tropical island. I came back with incredible clarity and power. I used that power and I started a business that grew to six figures in 4 months. My son was born and my life was better than ever before. Shortly after, everything changed…


Something happens that triggers my childhood trauma. My stomach drops, my mind races with rage and I pray that it isn’t true. The same day, I find out that a dear friend has died of COVID. Over the next several months, 9 more people die of COVID, car accidents, drugs and suicide. On top of that, 9 months of sleep deprivation follow as my son  never sleeps through the night. 


It’s too much at once. I shut down. I can’t get out of bed. I can’t function. I cancel meetings. I lose clients. Entire days are spent crying. How do I process all this grief, trauma, exhaustion and overwhelming emotions? These are the darkest months of my life.


Eventually, I reach a point where I completely surrender and go into ACTION. Within 48 hours, I'm working with two therapists, two energy healers and a coach. I do whatever they say. I bring love and compassion to myself and I work my butt off to come back from the darkness. 


I get back to working out every day and eating super healthy again (I had gained 20 pounds). I get the extra childcare I need. I even hire a sleep consultant for my son and we’re sleeping through the night for the first time in a year! 


Everything is brighter. I feel like myself again. Only I’m a deeper version - centered, healed, powerful and more dangerous than ever. 


That's why I’m SO EXCITED to launch a program focused on making a COMEBACK and mastering every area of life! If you are feeling ready to make a huge comeback in your life, then I invite you to join me on this journey. 


Over my lifetime, I've become a PRO at making epic comebacks! Here are a few examples: 


I was expelled from high school → I joined the Air Force and got a full scholarship to study Engineering at Northeastern University. 


I spent 10 years addicted to drugs → Went to rehab, recovery, and have been proudly clean and sober for 15 years :)


I was fired from my first job out of college → I started a successful coaching and yoga business.


3 years later the business failed → I got a Director Level role selling millions of dollars a year of Executive Coaching and Leadership Development consulting.  


I was fired → Within a month, I had 2 highly lucrative job offers. 


I was fired again → Started this business and hit six figures in 4 months. 


I dealt with a year of sleep deprivation, grief, trauma, and mental health challenges → Making a legendary comeback and I want you to join me on the journey! Together, we will be more successful than ever before. 


I’ve never before walked people through the journey of coming back into power after setbacks or difficult transitions. If this is calling to you, then do yourself the favor of joining me on this journey! 


Maybe you’re afraid to invest the money. I was too. However, I pushed through it and hired a coach on a credit card (scary AF). By taking the brave action of investing in myself immediately, I was given 100X more power. Why?

We’re not made to be on this journey alone! Hiring a coach and having a community gives you a HUGE advantage. You'll immediately pull yourself up and move into action. 

Conscious Life Mastery 

Both programs kick off the week of July 18th and last 6 months. 

Conscious Life Mastermind Intensive:


Who it’s for: People who want immediate epic results. They are both powerful and spiritual. Usually Business Owners or Executives. Wanting to enhance and deepen their impact on the world. They value transformation because they want to be the best possible version of themselves. They want to master every area of life.

-Weekly 1 hour group coaching call Wednesdays 12-1pm 

-Monthly One-to-one Coaching call ($1,000 value!) 

-Access to all other programs I run

Conscious Life Mastermind:

Who it’s for: People who are both powerful and spiritual. Wanting to enhance and deepen their impact on the world. They value transformation because they want to be the best possible version of themselves. They want to master every area of life. 

-Bi-weekly 1 hour group coaching call Thursdays 12-1pm 

-Access to all other programs I run

(All Mastermind sessions are recorded in case you are unavailable).
Are You Ready?

Deadline to sign up for these courses is July 19th;

act fast to secure your spot!

If you register by July 15th, then I'll offer an additional 1-hour one-on-one coaching call with me ($1,000 value).


If you are thinking about it but you're not sure, hear this:

YOU ARE WORTH IT! You are worth investing in. Your happiness, your life and your success matter. My personal promise is that if you do the brave thing and jump in, your life will change during this program!

Click the links below to sign up

Conscious Life Mastermind Intensive

Pay in Full
$10,000 (Pay in full discount)

Payment Plan 

$2,000/month for 6 months

Conscious Life Mastermind

Pay in Full
$5,000 (Pay in full discount)

Payment Plan 

$1,000/month for 6 months

Success Stories

A professional business portait of a man.

“After just a few weeks my stress level had reduced so much that friends and family were taking note. I went from daily anxiety attacks to having none (still have none). The feeling of burnout was replaced with excitement and vigor for my endeavors. I am actively taking huge steps to make my dreams become reality. John is intuitive, genuine, and excellent at his trade.”

Adam Whipple, Technical Program Manager at Google

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